When Is It Time to Replace Your Tires?

So how do you know what it is time to replace your tires? You can measure your tires by doing a penny test. The penny test involves inserting a penny into your tire tread and seeing if the head is visible. If it is visible, you still have enough tread, while if its not visible then your tires are bald and need to be replaced.

When you have worn tires, it takes longer to brake your vehicle. It also makes driving in wet conditions more difficult and increases the chances of losing control of your vehicle in an incident known as hydroplaning. Bald tires are severely worn tires that should be replaced and are illegal to drive with in many states.

If you have worn or bald tires, then come to our service center here at Colby Dodge Chrysler Jeep and have them replaced. We can also inspect your tires and help you choose an appropriate tire for the season.

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