A 3.6L 6cyl 8A engine powers the appealing performance of the Dodge Durango. Compact SUVs appeal to a segment of consumers. The Durango attains much popularity among SUV fans, and the engine's power isn't the only reason. Fuel economy plays a part, too.

Commutes to work, school, shopping, and more require unavoidable trips to the pump. With a fuel-efficient SUV, those trips become less frequent. Fewer times at the pump indicate you spend less money. The Dodge Durango delivers an average of 21 mpg for a combination of city and highway driving. 

Breaking things down, the vehicle averages 19 mpg in city conditions. On the highway, where all the stopping and going might not be an issue, the average comes to 26 mpg.

Get a true feel for the Dodge Durango by taking it on a test drive on local Colby, KS roads and highways. At Colby Dodge Chrysler Jeep, we'll help you do so.

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