The Chrysler 300 Has Many Entertainment Options

After you step into a Chrysler 300's cabin, you'll have opportunities to use a variety of sound solutions. The included audio technologies are practical and beneficial because they make short and long trips in Colby and surrounding area more enjoyable.

The main hardware that powers the vehicle's audio system is a Harman Kardon Sound System. The setup includes 19 speakers for basic sounds and a powerful subwoofer for bass notes. All music sounds great as instruments and vocal notes float throughout the Chrysler 300's cabin because the Harman Kardon system is wired to a GreenEdge amp. You can take advantage of the sound system's processing capabilities by playing the radio or by connecting a portable device to the system's USB port.

Colby Dodge Chrysler Jeep sells the Chrysler 300 fully equipped with the Harman Kardon sound system and other practical technologies. If you buy the SiriusXM package, you can listen to sporting events, talk shows, and more in the cabin.

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