Dodge Grand Caravan Offers Amazing Fuel Efficiency Features

What is it you look for most when buying a family vehicle? Is it performance, capabilities and fuel efficiency? If so, the Dodge Grand Caravan may be an ideal choice, especially if you’re looking for fuel economy. Come to Colby Dodge Chrysler Jeep and check out the Dodge Grand Caravan for yourself.

The new Dodge Grand Caravan offers amazing fuel efficiency features. The tires, despite being 17” tires, are low-rolling resistance tires that cover the road smoothly to give you an almost unbelievable fuel economy. The touch of only one button can add to Caravan’s fuel efficiency. You push the “ECON” button and the fuel economizer kicks in and adjusts the engine timing and the transmission shifter to enhance fuel efficiency.

If you’re the type of consumer who looks to test drive a vehicle before making a decision, come to our Colby, KS store. We’ll set you up for a fun-filled test drive.

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