The new 2019 Dodge Challenger is an iconic and well-loved performance vehicle. Over the years, various Dodge Challenger iterations delivered the power and handling that sports car enthusiasts crave. The newest generation of this popular vehicle keeps up this tradition with the addition of five outstanding power plants.

The smallest 2019 Dodge Challenger motor is actually larger and more powerful than most other sedan engines. Its 3.6L, V6 Pentastar motor raises 268-foot-pounds of torque backed up by 305-horsepower. Next on our list is the 5.3L, V8 Hemi Challenger motor. This beast of an operator kicks out a serious 375-horsepower and 410-foot-pounds of torque.

In third place is the Dodge Challenger V8, 392 Hemi motor. This appears on the Scat Pack version of the Challenger, and it brings a pavement-tearing 485-horsepower and 475-foot-pounds of torque. Fourth on the list is the absolutely groovy 6.2L Hemi V8 Hellcat. This supercharged workhorse of a motor kicks out an almost unbelievable 650-foot-pounds of torque and 717-horsepower. Rounding off the Challenger motor lineup is a 6.2L, Hellcat Hemi supercharged Redeye motor. This daddy of all motors provides 770-lb of torque and an astounding 797-horsepower.

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