Road Trip Ready!

The idea of getting away from it all and going to a new or familiar spot for the weekend elicits a certain euphoria. The idea of all play and no work--even if not entirely based in fact--just send the brain's happy meter into overdrive.

But before haphazardly throwing things in the vehicle and figuring it out when you get there, hold your horses long enough to take a few practical steps to ensure you pack safely. After all, the travel gurus at Colby Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Colby, KS want safe drivers on the road who know how their vehicles work.

So even though your trip may only be for the weekend, precautions need to be taken. Make certain that when you load your SUV, heavier items are on the bottom. For certain, do not block your ability to see behind you. The final pre-road-trip step is to visit Colby Dodge Chrysler Jeep so their certified mechanics can certify that your SUV is road-trip-ready.

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