Tips for Replacing a Flat Tire

Having a flat tire is one of the worst inconveniences you can experience while driving around in Colby, KS. However, knowing how to properly replace it will make the process a little less stressful.

After you have stopped your car in a safe place, you'll want to get out your jack, spare tire, and tire iron. Place the jack in the correct spot and raise your car off the ground so the tire is no longer touching. Use the tire iron to loosen the lug nuts and then remove the flat. Put the new tire on and tighten the lug nuts, then lower your car back to the ground.

If you have a full-size spare, you are good to go, but if you have what's called a "donut" spare, you'll need to get it replaced as soon as possible.

For all your tire needs, including replacing a spare, come see us at Colby Dodge Chrysler Jeep.

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